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Spread The Wordis a product of the amalgamation of a bunch of ideas emerging from the desire to serve humanity. The organisation’s ultimate aim is to spread good. Here’s our slogan: spread the awareness, spread the ideas, spread the happiness; spread the good. We will work in a multitude of ways; you will see our blog flooded with updates of our ongoing projects, upcoming projects, accounts and images of food drives, clothes drives, book drives, an assortment of sessions with unprivileged children and essentially, articles discussing social issues. We work in collaboration with The Patronage Foundation, Azaad Pakistan and Nadir Dast-e-Shafqat.

You can be a part of our team any day! We will give a microphone to all your ideas, articles to inspire others to do acts of good and your voice on any social issue that you think needs to be talked about. Other than that, you can join us in our projects too.

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A Blessed Curse

Growing up, I was like a noiseless wallflower at a boisterous party. No one really bothered to talk to me and I was happy that way. Flash-forward, in my early teenage years, my fellow class-mates,strangers and neighbourhood aunties started calling me ‘tiddi’ ‘munni’ ‘piddi’ ‘midget’. It infuriated me for obvious reasons. This society would choose … Continue reading A Blessed Curse

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